Ramada Geneva Lakefront Wedding {Congratulations Adrianne and Chris!}

Adrianne and Chris had a marvelous wedding day! It was supposed to be a huge thunderstorm all day with weather advisories and such. The night before there was, then we all woke up to a pretty fantastic day!!  It wouldn’t have mattered though –  Adrianne and Chris are so in love some bothersome weather wouldn’t have mattered in the slightest!

Their wedding was in Geneva at the Ramada Geneva Lakefront and was just lovely.  The women got ready in the Seneca Room just outside the ceremony tent, which is super handy!  The ceremony was short and sweet.  My favorite part was watching Chris watch Adrianne come up the isle.  I’ll show an image so you can peek too:)  It was a beautiful day all around.  Here’s some of my favorites:


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Belhurst Castle Wedding {Congratulations Carlie and Tom!}

Carlie and Tom had a beautiful wedding at Belhurst Castle in Geneva NY. What a fantastic day!  Carlie got ready in the tower suite, which is my favorite room in the castle.  All her bridesmaids wore the same dress, but fashioned differently. I had never seen anything like it!  I’ll be sure to include a photo so you can take a peek:)


The weather held off, and Carlie got a fantastic ceremony on the lawn under the big oak tree.  When the time for partying came, Jon Roach of Encore Events put on a great show. Everyone had a blast!!

Here’s some images from their fantastic party!!


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Belhurst Castle Wedding {Congratulations Leigh and Chris!}

Leigh and Chris had their wedding and reception at Belhurst Castle in Geneva NY. It’s such a wonderful location.  The staff is amazingly friendly, and the coordinators always make sure your day runs perfectly.  Leigh and Chris’ day was no exception.  Their wedding was under the beautiful oak tree in the back garden with the lake in the background for the guests to see.  Leigh looked just amazing too!  All  eyes were on her as she walked down the isle.  After their vows and kisses, we all headed to the back porch for some pre-formal treats and beverages.  Photos went by quickly and then time for more fun with the wedding party!  The reception in the meritage ballroom was a blast!  Lots of toasts, dancing, and the food! Yum.  Well, here’s a few of my favorite images from Leigh and Chris’ wonderful day. Thanks again for letting me be  a part of it!

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Brooklea Wedding {Congratulations Chong and Michael!}

Chong and Michael were married at Faith United Methodist Church in a wonderful ceremony where all their friends and family got to be a part of their day. Where was music and readings that everyone got to enjoy. Directly after the ceremony we all headed down to Brooklea Country Club for the reception. First Chong and Michael opted for some photos on the beautiful grounds there.  There’s lots of bridges in the fairway and the building itself is just beautiful!  After the photos we went to greet guests and have a lovely luncheon.  The best part was most of their friends attend their church so everyone knew everyone! It was a sweet and loving day for a caring couple.  Congratulations Chong and Michael! Here’s a few images to peek at:

132 133 141 160 174 193 202 215 253 254 257 259 295 345 362 363 366 369 375 376 392

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Sara’s Garden Wedding {Congratulations Christine and Rick!}

Christine and Rick were married in a previous ceremony, but wanted to have a reception for their friends and family here in the area.  Having seen Sara’s Garden Center they decided it was the perfect spot!  I didn’t know they did parties there, but yes! They do. Definitely check it out if you want a unique space.  It reminded me of a fairy tale.

Here’s some of my favorite images from there:

001 002 003 005 007 009 012 013 048 049 075 077 095 116 134 139 142 145 163 164 165 172 205 206 223 224

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Olmsted Lodge Wedding {Congratulations Courtney and David!}

Ahh.  You know when you’ve met a couple that truly means together forever.  Courtney and David met in high school and after a brief time apart realized they are the very definition of true love!

On their wedding day Courtney got ready at Woodcliff Hotel and Spa.  They did a great job on her hairstyle at the salon, then down to her room to get dressed!  Their wedding took place at Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park.  If you haven’t checked out this hidden gem it is truly amazing. My favorite part is they have little partridges running around under foot so you have to look up at the foliage, down at the birds and turtles, and then your eyes rest on the beautiful bride.

After the ceremony I found out David is in a band.  That explains the absolute awesome taste of everyone at their party!  It was full of character and love and the details! Wow! The receptions was at the Olmsted Lodge just across the street so no one needed to go far. Here’s some of my favorite’s from their day:

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Wedding at Aurora Inn {Congratulations Kate and Marty!}

Kate and Marty had a lovely intimate ceremony at Aurora Inn in Aurora, NY. Their ceremony was down right on the shore so their guests had a fantastic view. Right after their “I do’s”, we all sauntered over to the ruins of a cool building and took the family and couples portraits.  It was a sweet day filled with love and happiness!  Here’s a few of my favorites:


001 009 026 037 053 071 099 102 107 112 173 176 196 210 213 219 228 238 272

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Belhurst Castle Wedding {Congratulations Leanne and Tyler!}

Leanne and Tyler spent their whole day at Belhurst and had so much fun!  They chose to see each other before the ceremony and join forces with the entire wedding party down at the pier after their amazing first look. Leanne looked so pretty! Their wedding was under the tree in the back by the water so the guests had such a lovely view.  The ceremony went off without a hitch. After the cocktail hour the guests went in to the Meritage Ballroom for a fun filled reception.  I have never seen this before but everyone was up and dancing before the toasts!  I could tell it was going to be a wild night and wasn’t disappointed:) Here’s a few of my favorite images:

0001 0009 0180 0297 0334 0438 0497 0574 0736 0765 0771 0806 1010 1077 1111 1140 1236 1286 1300

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Memorial Art Gallery Wedding {Congratulations Hayley and Tim!}

Hayley and Tim had an amazing wedding at the Memorial Art Gallery!  They made all their wedding details, and to me the most impressive was Hayley’s bouquet made out of antique pins!  I’ll definitely include an image, it was so impressive.  Another cool idea was the boutonnierres. There were no flowers involved in their day so their imagination played a huge part!  It was a lot of fun, sophisticated, and very relaxed.  Here’s some of the highlights:

002 011 021 035 064 088 099 299 309 314 319 328 420 001

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City Hall Wedding{Congratulations Brittany and Kevin!}

Brittany and Kevin were married at Rochester City Hall in a beautiful intimate ceremony with family and close friends. It was wonderful to see their children be a part of their special day, and looked so sweet in their outfits!  After the ceremony we headed on down to Maplewood Rose Garden for their portraits. My favorite part being a huge dog lover, was when Brittany brought her fluffy friend for the photos!  Thanks so much for letting e be a part of your day Brittany and Kevin!


006 018 059 064 066 083 088 135 150 210 238 263 282 307

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